nickname: Rebel James Kopta Tribute Set

Live at Valentine’s, Albany New York September 22, 2002. Three song set of James Kopta compositions at his memorial concert. I also made the poster art and organized and MC’ed the event. It was half a benefit for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, the charity for the disease that James was afflicted with. The other half of proceeds went into a fund that was used to digitize James Kopta’s recordings. The result was the release of the Brown Cuts Neighbors Horseback Solids sessions. The production of which exceeded the fund.

1. She Makes an Ugly Girl (Kopta/Jason Martin​. Marc Arsenault arrangement)
2. Boomerang/Frank Budgen Medley (Kopta)
3. Astrochimp Impact Crater (Brown Cuts Neighbors​)

Marc Arsenault​ – Guitar (1) Bass (2, 3)
Scott Smallwood​ – Trumpet (1) Drums (2, 3)
Tom Burre​ – Synth
Aaron Smith​ – Drums (1) Guitar (2, 3) Vocals (2)
Jason Martin – Guitar (3)

Valentines, Albany, New York
September 22, 2002

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